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We draw on a range of psychological ideas and approaches to help with the difficulties you are experiencing.

We offer time to listen carefully to what you think and how you feel. We can work with young people, parents or adults by themselves, in couples or see the whole family together. We aim to offer an appointment within two weeks of referral.


If, together, we agree it would be useful to talk, we will arrange to meet at a location convenient to you.

We will listen carefully to what you have to say about yourself and the problems you have been experiencing.

We will then go through everything with you and hopefully help to understand why you have been having these difficulties and come up with some ways to help.

We usually meet people up to three times to do this and call this the Assessment phase.

We will then write a letter to explain what we talked about and the suggested ways forward.

Sometimes we find this can be enough help.


Following the assessment, if we all think talking therapy will be helpful we can then meet regularly for Therapy sessions.

These tend to last for up to one hour and we usually agree to meet for 6-8 sessions at a time.

Then we like to check out or review how things are going and decide together if further work is needed.

The approach or type of therapy we use will be determined by what the psychological research tells us works best with the problems you are experiencing and also by your preferred way of working.

In practice, we will often draw on a number of different therapeutic ideas at the same time.




Systemic therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


Dyadic Development Psychotherapy

Parent-Child Game


FREE initial telephone consultation

We offer a free informal telephone call to decide together if we are the best people to help.